Customize Your Product

We pride ourselves on personalized service with a unique quality of material and workmanship in every custome piece we create.
Each and every article on our site is hand made with tender love and care!

****Please note / if you have a special shoe that you would like us to custom design for your occasion, we would be happy to give you a price and create a beautful look for you as well.
****Please feel free to email a picture and your request to our address

*****If you have something special from someone special that you would like me to
Incorporate into your shoe or head piece please send me a message and we will arrange it.
I would love to help you add a an item from that special someone to you’re wedding day.

*****Pay Close Attention
We reserve the right to substitute materials in our pieces as needed. If a component of a headband, garter, or other piece is out of stock, we may replace it with a similar component of equal or greater value. This may apply to rhinestone centers, for example, or lace patterns, bows, feathers, and the like. We will not dramatically alter the look of your piece unless you request it. No two lace pieces are exactly the same.